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Awareness Camp on Social Problem

Parama has organized some awareness camps in different blocks by the help of local community, club and local panchayet on different burning problem of our society. In this camp various issues are discussed by different eminent personalities, lawyer. Dowry, Trafficking, Child marriage, child labour etc are discussed by the social worker to the people.

Consumer Awareness Programme

Liberalisation is paving way for a market-driven economy, where the manufacturers seek to maximise profits. Manufacturers are not often concerned about the quality of goods and services and their impact on the health of people and the environment. Instead of the consumer guiding the producer about what should be produced, it is the producer who decides what the consumer should want. The plight of a consumer is further worsened by the use of advertising techniques. Consumers are saddled with the problem of choosing between too many products with too less information. With the concentration of market in the hands of a few large corporations, it becomes important that the consumers are aware of their rights in order to ensure proper standards for the goods and services for which they make payment.

There are many goods which are sold in the market without much information about their quality, quantity and purity. In case of goods meant for mass consumption like, food, milk products, edible oil etc. the ingredients are not known. Manufacturers or producers seldom follow the safety regulations in the products like, lamps, batteries, footwear, electrical equipments, wires, cement, LPG cylinders, stoves, switches, plugs, sockets etc. leading to many fatal accidents. Adulteration of food is another major problem. Milk can contain detergent, refined oil, caustic soda or urea. Mustard oil can be adulterated with argemone oil and arhar dal with yellow colour. Vegetables and fruits are artificially coloured. Indiscriminate use of pesticides by farmers and untreated effluents by industries, have led to the problem of food contamination by pesticide residues and toxic heavy metals.

Parama is fighting a battle for consumer protection in Nadia. They are working in this field successfully by organizing campaigning, seminar, discussion etc. Moreover, They are planning to start some information centre to help consumers.

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