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Education & Health

The links between health and education are reciprocal; not only is good health important for children to make the most of their educational opportunities, but the educational setting (both formal and informal) can be important in promoting good health. Compelling evidence indicates that good health and nutrition are prerequisites for effective learning.

School health and nutrition (SHN) interventions have been shown to improve children’s health and nutrition as well as their learning potential and future life choices. Health promotion can happen directly through teaching health and nutrition knowledge and practices, as well as indirectly with education itself acting as a “social vaccine” especially in the case of HIV prevention.

Medical Camps

During last few years Parama organize Blood Donation Camp, Medical Camps with Local Doctors, Diagnosis and Medical Check-up, Eye Testing, Blood testing, Grouping and Sugar Test. Nearby 1000 patients were treated in these medical camps. Besides eye testing and checkup, spectacles were also distributed among the poor village patients. The organisation have organized Child Health Check up camp at its premises every two months free of cost.

Awareness of Aids

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a condition that gradually destroys the body's immune defense system and makes the body vulnerable to opportunistic diseases. It is caused by infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). After HIV invades the body, it lives and multiplies in the white blood cells, which are the cells that protect the body from disease. As the virus multiplies, it damages or kills these and other cells, and the body becomes prey to a wide range of disease-causing microbes. It is a social curse.

Educational Programmes

Parama has set up a school with the collaboration of Sri Sri Academy, Bangaluru promoted by Rabi Sankar ji, for Child education for last three years. It is a pre primary and primary school with 120 numbers of students. They are trying its best to bridge the gap and to bring education right at the door step of those who cannot afford. Mid Day Meal along with free books and bags are given to attract the children of the primary standard.

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