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Pronati Sadhak - Origin and Founder of Parama Mahila Samittee Kamalpur

In the year 2001 Parama Mahila Samittee had started its journey with a group of enterprising young women under the leadership of local eminent social worker Smt. Pronati Sadhak to meet the challenges through as organization evolved as “ PARAMA MAHILA SAMITTEE KAMALPUR” by various activities to uplift the said people, specially Women and Children.

Smt. Pronati Sadhak, was an ordinary person driven by an extraordinary dream - the dream that no Indian women and child would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection and development.

Like all of us, Pronoti got upset to see the disparities that exist between privileged and underprivileged women and children. She felled that as women are financially handicapped, they are harassed by the society. She hated to see children begging and working as servants. Unlike most of us, though, she did something about it. In her case, the action started young.

She formed Parama Mahila Samittee and had stated her journey towards her dream. They felt that something needed to be done to improve the situation of the underprivileged Indian women and child.

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